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Having a special needs child comes with an extreme level of responsibility, and oftentimes, more expenses. So, what do you do when you have to go to work and need someone to care for your child? I struggled with this for about two years before I couldn't financially stay home with my son any longer. I spent a lot of time looking for information about finding the right child care center for my son and what I could do to prepare him for the transition from home to the center. On this blog you will find tips that can help the process go much smoother for you and your child.


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child care for special needs kids

3 Things To Look For In A Child Care Center If Your Child Has Special Needs

by Sid Van Minnen

Many parents of young children with special needs work outside of their home to ensure that they provide for their family. However, their work may make it necessary for them to place their youngsters in child care, especially if the children are not old enough to attend school. Still, a child with special needs may require additional considerations in a child care environment. If you are trying to select the best child care center for your special needs child, here are a few things for which you can look:


As you look for a child care center, inquire about any special needs training that the center's staff may be required to undergo. A child with special needs requires all of the loving support that a child without disabilities needs. However, his or her care plan should be adjusted based on the child's development instead of his or her age. For instance, a special needs child may be unable to adhere to a standard potty training schedule yet. Child care providers must be trained to accommodate your child's needs, even if they differ from those of the other children in a classroom. 


Although many child care facilities allow you to furnish snacks and meals for your child, you may not be able to prepare food items daily. Check with the child care center staff to see what types of foods are normally provided. Some special needs children are especially sensitive to dyes and additives in food. In addition, a food may need to be mashed or softened for your little one. Find out if the facility is willing to work with you and your child by specially preparing your child's snacks or meals.


Some activities can be difficult for your child, especially if he or she has limited mobility. Although you may want your child to be challenged in a positive manner, he or she should not have to engage in activities that are so difficult that they threaten his or her safety or self-esteem. Talk with the child care center teachers to determine what types of alternative activities or modifications are offered for children that are confined to a wheelchair or who have other physical limitations.

As you consider a child care center for your special needs child, be sure to look for a facility that is willing to make allowances to ensure your child receives the best care possible. Contact a child care center like Old Dominion Day School Inc. to schedule a tour and speak with management.